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this ain't safe i'm one to play takes
me i just count my mistakes

cut skuzz, suckle and fuck
shit outta time, outta luck
im on a long time coming kinda tip of the iceberg
let us not forget the time that i took for me
myself and i am all that is left
hurry it up, empty your guts
get in the van quick, stifle all the thoughts and the doubts bitch
its time to recap this

its time to react to it
i swore i wasnt gonna do it but
but by the time it takes
i break a bit, a piece and give it back
cuz everybody wanna think they know how to act
and everybody's asking for a reason why
i reason while they were asking i got my second try
a lease, a loss, a lot, a life, with everybody gone I can start up the fights
so who wants some
and it slows way down, to the sound
bounce, pound, bounce, ground, house, mound
down, turn down, safe, ace, bass, ace, face, pace, mace
i trace the safest takes to play with incomprehensible grace
and its back to the refrain

this ain't safe i'm one to play takes
me i just count my mistakes

*hail mary full of grace the lord is with thee
blessed our thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit of they womb jesus
holy mary mother of god
pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our de†h


from FUTUREMETAL, released January 31, 2017



all rights reserved



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